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    08 April

    Australia citizenship

    COVID-19 pandemic updates: Australia introduces new visa option

    The new visa option - the COVID-19 Pandemic event visa, is available under subclass 408. Highlights: There are 2.17 million temporary visa holders in the countryOf this, more than 565,000 are student visa holders and 139,000 are temporary skilled visa holdersNew visa option is free and will allow those unable to leave, stay lawfully in Australia  The purpose of the new visa option is to provide a pathway for certain former and current holders [...]

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    Antique books on a desk with a lamp

    The latest updates on Canadian Immigration

    World Education Services (WES) WES has temporarily suspended ALL in-office operations in line with global health recommendations.All complete applications received by 10 March 2020 will be processed in time. However, applicants whose documents have arrived at WES’ office after 10 March 2020 can expect delays. This is because the process for receiving physical mail or faxed documents have been disrupted. Comparative Education Service (CES) As a part of th [...]

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    02 April

    online assessmeny

    We are keeping it safe & simple

    We understand that it feels like an extra step to get what we need with the stay at home effort to protect the health & safety of the community but that doesn’t mean that we need to stop our long overdue migration plan for the better future of our family.  At The Immigration Office, we are keeping it safe & simple for you to learn and get an idea while at home about Canada & Australia migration process. Our team is fully prepared to support yo [...]

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    25 March

    Stay at Home

    How to use these times wisely for your immigration plan?

    Canada & Australia are providing updates on travel restrictions to put in place to stem the spread of COVID-19 at the same time to support the economy. Despite the calls to stay inside and drastic travel ban around the world both countries are working to get residents home and keep families together. At the same time continue the process of immigration, citizenship applications, taking measures to avoid delay in processing and refusals.  Disruptions may aff [...]

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    23 March

    Learn Online

    Updates & COVID-19 Precautions

    Working Remotely & Keeping Safety First At The Immigration Office, the health and safety of our employees, clients, partners and community is a top priority. By implementing remote systems with easy access to make work from home possible, our team and clients can be in direct contact without facing any interruption. Our decision to shift our entire team to work remote comes as support for our public health and safety during these times. Based on the Dubai H [...]

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    17 July


    OINP Tech Draws under Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities

    The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) started nominating candidates with tech occupations under Tech Draws. The first draw was on July 12, 2019, inviting 1,623 Express Entry candidates with eligible work experience. Ontario known as Canada's major techno hub would begin holding Tech Draws to meet the growing labour needs of the province’s tech sector especially in the cities of Toronto, Ottawa & Waterloo. OINP Tech Draws under Ontario's Human Capita [...]

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    01 May


    Flexibility of Australia on Medical Assessment for Visa Application

    You and your family members who apply for a visa might need to have health examinations to prove you meet the health requirements. The medical test for Australian visa varies based on the type of visa applied for, such as, study visa, work visa, tourist visa or permanent residence visa. The request to undertake a medical examination will come from DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) and the results are valid for one year. In the case of a vi [...]

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    17 April

    New Tech Hub


    The leaders of Information Technology The current uncertain political climate and immigration ban upheaval in the US made Canada to shine as a beacon of political, economic and social stability. This is the fertile ground in which entrepreneurship, business development and progress take root and grow, and societies thrive. Before, the international IT professionals would not have considered Canada as an option, but now they are seeing the country and its opportun [...]

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    04 April

    kitsilano Vancouver

    What is the Cost of Living in Canada?

    Cost of Living in Canada Canada has always been known as a great place to live in. If you plan on moving to Canada with your children and need the help of putting them all through school, this country may be a more suitable choice for your family. Others are attracted for its high quality of life and opportunities available to those who live in Canada. Before moving to Canada you must figure out is how much it will cost to move and to live in the said country onc [...]

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    24 March

    Canada Express Entry

    Immigrating to Canada: Improving Your CRS Score

    Boosting Your Chances of Immigrating to Canada: Improving Your CRS Score If you plan to immigrate to Canada through the Express-Entry immigration system, an online tool to manage applications for permanent residence, you must be eligible for one of the federal economic immigration programs – Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades or Canadian Experience Class. Only then can you be able to create and submit your profile and rank in the Express-Entry pool [...]

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    21 March

    Australia PR

    What is Skilled Independent Visa and Skilled Nominated Visa

    Australia Skilled Workers Visa Type Subclass 189 and 190 Every year, Australia attracts and invites thousands of skilled workers to their country due to ongoing skill shortage across various states; hence, the reason why it needs immigrants to cover their workforce. Specifically, Australia has types of Visa such as Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 in which skilled workers are needed. This is classified under the General Skilled Migration Program. Thus, if you ar [...]

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    20 March

    Australia View

    Finally granted your Permanent Residency to Australia?

    Could you stay on shore in Australia Forever? There is always a bit of confusion about how long you can reside in Australia after you have been granted your permanent residency (PR) visa. Some believe it allows you to stay for only 5 years at a time, because what appears as the must not arrive after date on your visa grant letters is usually 5 years after the date your visa has been granted. This is incorrect! If you have been granted a PR in Australia, you [...]

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    18 March


    Foreign Education and the Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker Program

    Are you wondering where to start your Immigration Canada journey through the Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker Program? Wonder no more. To meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program for Express Entry, you need to have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) done on your foreign degree(s). Basically, an ECA is a report availed by a Canadian independent designated organization that evaluates your foreign education. For Express Entry, the [...]

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    17 March

    Canada Seasons

    Canada Seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

    The Weather in Canada One of the main concerns people have when moving to Canada is the weather. People often have the perception that Canada is always and everywhere extremely cold and this idea can make them reluctant to make the move to this particular country. Nevertheless, the weather in Canada varies widely depending on where you are and what time of the year it is. After all, Canada is a huge country, covering five time zones. Its most populated regions ar [...]

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    12 March

    canada nurses


    Canada welcomes internationally educated nurses in all provinces and territories across five categories: administration, clinical care, education, policy and research. Each of the provinces and territories has its own requirements and regulations specifically in each nursing group: Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses. By 2022, Canada Nurses Associations predicts that a large volume of 60,000 nurses wil [...]

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    12 March

    cities to live in Canada

    How much money you need to settle in Canada?

    Express Entry Proof of Funds – Gift Deed Anyone who would like to migrate to Canada MUST show proof that he has the money to settle in the said country which is generally known as “Proof of Funds”. First of all, the amount of money one needs in order to proceed with immigration depends on the size of his family. As of 2019, the minimum amount of money needed to immigrate based on this aspect is shown below:   Number of family members        [...]

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    12 March

    IELTS exam

    Why should you not get scared to take IELTS?

    Many people these days are thinking of migrating to another country with the intent of acquiring better work opportunities and of course, a better life. But sometimes, there is this one small thing that holds them back... IELTS. Have you ever heard about IELTS before? Or maybe PTE, CELPIP, OET, TOEFL? These are some of the varieties of English tests that potential immigrants are required to take, to be able to proceed with their application, since English spea [...]

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    03 November

    Welcome to Canada

    Migrating to Canada – How to make it work?

    Canada, here we come! This is one of the very first thoughts applicants have after deciding that they are now ready for migrating to Canada. However, for over 50,000 families or more per year, this thought slowly fades away, washed every two weeks by the high cut off scores, poor IELTS results or changes in the occupation lists. In the same time, everyone "knows someone" that managed to migrate without a great IELTS score, or being over 40, or not having very good [...]

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    18 April


    New Occupation Lists & Skill Select Updates

    On 19 April, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Australia amended the current Lists of Occupations Australia as we know it. On 19 April 2017, the: Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) replaced the previous ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL) and is available in Schedule 1. You must nominate an occupation on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) if you are applying for any of the below: Skilled Independent visa ( [...]

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    15 February

    Australian Residency

    Australian Residency? Catch it while you can!

    Australian Residency Planning on immigrating to Australia at one point? Well, make sure you still can.  Every year, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection updates the Skilled Occupation Lists. See more details about Australia Immigration If your occupation is on the Flagged List - you should definitely read this.  Check out the flagged occupations and read below: Production Manager (Mining) Engineering Technologist Environmental Engineer Na [...]

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