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    The Immigration Office

    who we are

    The Immigration Office is a leading immigration consultancy company that was founded to address the need for accurate, up to date and reliable immigration solutions. As all of our
    company’s members have experience in working with GCC countries, we have decided to cater only this geographical area, having a better knowledge and understanding of people’s needs. All
    our company culture is based on building solutions that are tailored made for you. Whether we work with engineers or doctors that want to thrive in their careers, parents that seek great education for their children or young families that want to live their dream and start a better life, we are here to match the dream with the opportunities.

    We know that sometimes people are given false hope and we are here to make sure this is not the case. We’re here to give you realistic expectations about the opportunities that you can
    grab, the process of relocating and starting fresh in a new country, the cost and the time frame of making your dream possible. We started our company to make sure you can start a better life without any obstacles along the way.

    Our Mission is to make sure that every application we assess is based on real time information and excellent service, guaranteeing that your application is eligible throughout the immigration

    Our Vision is to deliver immigration applications with unparalleled chances for approval.


    • value-1-iconWe value KNOWLEDGE, as it is the base of understanding our industry. As a sum of facts, information and experience, KNOWLEDGE is part of our past, our future and our company’s culture.
    • value-2-iconWe value CLARITY for there is nothing more important for our company’s reputation and future than making sure that all the knowledge we have is given to our clients with transparency.
    • value-3-iconWe value BRAVERY because our company’s culture is based on working with and for people that are creating new paths for the future, people that are bold enough to seek for better roads in life.


    At The Immigration Office we try our best, day after day to empower our future. As a company, as a group of people and as individuals, we create the environment where working towards a better self is possible every day. We are always on a transformation path and the way we work internally has a unique goal: to feel proud of being part of an amazing team. If your personality is oriented towards continuous learning, if the knowledge you accumulated so far is solid and you want to take on new challenges in your career,
    send us your resume.

    Due to the large number of application, we will get back within one week frame to candidates that are shortlisted for an interview.

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      The information provided on The Immigration Office website is intended for informational purposes only and should not substitute for an immigration consultant. This information does not constitute legal advice. We ask that you consult with an immigration consultant because each situation requires analysis from many different perspectives. We cannot be responsible if you rely on information based on this website without the consultation of an immigration consultant.

      Although we try to be as timely and accurate as possible, please be aware that immigration is a constantly evolving area of law and that you should consult with a consultant to discuss your
      specific facts and determine if there have been any recent changes to immigration policies or laws that may affect you.
      The Immigration Office assumes no liability for the use or interpretation of information contained herein. The information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non­infringement of third party rights.

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      Weblinks by the The Immigration Office to third­party sites do not constitute an endorsement of the parties or their products and services.

      All information provided on The Immigration Office or the online assessment can not legally guarantee an approval for any immigration application.


      What is a Permanent Residency Visa?

      A Permanent Residence Visa refers to a person visa status which allows him to reside indefinitely within a country of which is not citizen. The holder of a Permanent Residency gains the right to enjoy many benefits including access to country’s healthcare system ,free in any public school, social security, right to apply for citizenship.

      How long it takes to obtain a Permanent Residency Visa?

      There are several ways to obtain a Permanent Residency including , marriage and family sponsorship as well as the skilled immigration program. If for a marriage , family sponsorship and temporary visas processing time takes between six to eight months , a skilled immigration visa since is a complex process might have a processing time of 8-24 months.

      How soon we need to land once the Permanent Residency is approved?

      Every visa grant notice has an initial entry date and is a condition of your visa that you enter before that date. The date is based on the expiry of medical test and police clearance certificate (PCCs) which are generally valid for 12 months from the date they were issued. Failing to enter in the country within the time frame specified in the granting letter your visa may be considered for cancellation. The initial entry date of the granted visa can’t be modified.

      What are the eligibility criteria to apply for citizenship?

      • You are a migrant under a permanent resident status
      • Your age is between 18 and 60
      • You satisfy the residence requirement
      • You are good of character

      Why is important to use a registered immigration agent to obtain a visa?

      The immigration law is very complex and there is much confusion as to how it works. A registered immigration agent knows the immigration system and is bound by a strict code of conduct set out by a regulatory body . The on going professional licensing requires the immigration agent to keep up to date with the latest policy changes.

      The Immigration Office is registered with ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council and MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). Using our experience to guide you through the immigration process will maximize your chance of obtaining your visa in the first time, and will avoid errors in your application which will cause delays or may result in refusal.

      Who is included in my visa application?

      Principal applicant, spouse and unmarried children under the age of 18. Under certain cases parents can be included in your visa application subject to meeting the requirements.

      Would I have to attend an interview before the final decision on my application to be taken?
      There are types of visas where interview is required. In such cases the principal applicant and all dependents will participate in the interview held at the consulate. Our experienced immigration case officer will conduct an adequate preparation to ensure the process runs smoothly.

      Can I relocate while my permanent residency visa is under process?

      If relocation occurs is required to inform our immigration case officer in order to update your application with your new address.

      What is IELTS?

      International English Language Testing System is the world most popular test of English for higher education and global immigration. There are authorized centers in every country where IELTS can be taken. For immigration and student visas IELTS is mandatory and the score you need will depend on the visa requirements.

      What are the eligibility requirements for Australia Skilled Immigration?

      You may be eligible for Australia Skilled Immigration if:

      • You have an occupation listed in SOL ( Skilled Occupation List)
      • You score a minimum of 60 points on the points test
      • You had passed the required IELTS level
      • You have relevant working experience in your nominated occupation
      • You have minimum of four years Bachelor Degree highly relevant to your nominated occupation
      • You are meeting the character and health requirements set by Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)

      How does Express Entry works ?

      On 1st January 2015 Canada has implemented their new immigration program called Express Entry. This electronic immigration system will facilitate faster processing of application for permanent residence.

      There are four programs for which Express Entry application is required:

      • Federal Skilled Worker program
      • Federal Skilled Trades program
      • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
      • Canadian Experience Class

      A candidate who meets the eligibility criteria for any of the above programs will first have to complete an online Express Entry profile which will be placed into the Express Entry pool of candidates. There will be regular draws to invite candidate to apply for permanent residence. Once you have received the invitation to apply (ITA) you should expect a max. of 6 months for the final decision on your visa application.

      What is the cost for my immigration application?

      Since we value clarity, we will provide a comprehensive pricing scheme after the initial assessment depending on the country of application, the type of visa and the level of services required. In that way you will understand the full cost within the first inquiry you make, leaving no room for ulterior costs.