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    09 January


    3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Antigua & Barbuda

    The Caribbean is a dream destination for holidaymakers and businesspeople alike.  So, if you are thinking of moving or travelling abroad, then citizenship-by-investment could be your most helpful tool. To give you an idea of what this means, here are 3 reasons why it’s such a great place to live as well as how it’s beneficial for your future. The best country for you Antigua & Barbuda is an island paradise which offers the opportunity to live a [...]

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    06 January

    Why Dominica ?

    Why Dominica? A Caribbean Escape with Friendly People

    With its rich history and island culture that stands out from other countries in the region, the Commonwealth of Dominica has a lot to offer those seeking second citizenship. The Caribbean nation offers abundant natural beauty and adventure vacations for its citizens, as well as numerous benefits for expats and travellers who want to experience the richness of this beautiful country. Here we list why you should apply for your second passport in this beautiful islan [...]

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    07 December

    Your first steps in Canada

    Your First Steps in Canada – 12 Essential Tips to Help You Settle Smoothly

    Canada is a great place to start a new chapter in your life. Whether it is the big city hustle and bustle, the rolling hills or the cultural diversity that beckons you north, everyone has a reason for wanting to move to this in-demand migration destination. The country is vast and beautiful, with a culture that welcomes newcomers. However, although settling into a new country as a newcomer can be an exciting experience, it is also quite challenging and stressful [...]

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    07 December

    Quality of life Index

    Quality of Life Index — See How Canada, Australia, Portugal, and New Zealand Score

    When you want to migrate to another country and decide which makes the most sense for you and your family, you will want to look at various factors. It is because each country has different factors that may or may not be crucial according to where you plan on moving. These may include affordability, safety, employment opportunities, income equality, economic and political stability, and the quality of education and healthcare. So, if you’re planning on moving abr [...]

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    07 December

    Golden Residence Program for Portugal

    Golden Residence Program for Portugal: 10 Most Common Questions Answered

    The Golden Residence Program for Portugal is one of the most popular residence by investment programs. It offers non-European Union (EU) investors and their families a fast track for acquiring a valid residency permit by making a qualifying investment. The program grants the investors citizenship without living in Portugal, attractive tax systems, access to health care and social security in Europe, etc. If you are considering moving to Portugal, you might wonde [...]

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    07 December

    Where to migrate as an investor ?

    Where to migrate as an investor? We compare the top destinations

    There are plenty of reasons why investors may want to move abroad. Some want to diversify their portfolio and invest in foreign real estate, while others are looking for better business opportunities, or perhaps to retire elsewhere. While some countries offer attractive incentives for foreign investors, choosing the right destination is no easy task. Here, we compare four countries investors might consider moving to — Canada, Portugal, Australia, and New Zeala [...]

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    21 October

    Why Canada is a leading migration destination

    Top 10 Reasons Why Canada is a Leading Migration Destination

    Are you planning to migrate to Canada? Or are you thinking about it but have not taken the first step yet? Canada offers many great reasons for people to move there. From a safe and welcoming environment to exceptional education, Canada has it all. Tempted to pack your bags and start a new life in this country? Here are ten reasons why Canada is one of the best migration destinations for you. 1. Inclusive Multicultural SocietyCanada is a multicultural country [...]

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    30 September


    Webinar – Portugal Golden Visa 2022 Updates

    Watch our webinar on the Portugal Golden Visa Updates. The Portugal Golden Visa gives investors and their families Permanent Residency to live,work and study in Portugal and the right to travel visa-free to all of Europe's 26 Schengencountries. It offers the fastest Permanent Residency and Citizenship processing timeamong all other immigration programs. Here are the key points: KEY POINTS- Affordable Real Estate Investment of Euro 280,000 (Minimum)- [...]

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    18 April

    6 new streams for PR in Canada

    Have you heard? Canada will launch SIX new immigration programs as of MAY 2021!! If you are an International Graduate, Essential Worker, or French Speaker, it is time to tune in! 90,000 YES 90,000 immigrants will have a chance to secure a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) visa via the new program streams for international graduates and essential workers BUT, it gets even BETTER!! For the French-speaking stream, there will be no intake cap! Did I hear someone say [...]

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    15 February

    Newfoundland and Labrador – Or the joy of new PNP programs

    2021 brings exciting news for everyone looking to settle down inCanada during this New Year. If you’re a skilled foreign worker insearch of new opportunities, high quality of life, security and safety,then Canada may be a worthwhile destination for you or your family.Not only are there over 100 immigration options to consider but thereare new programs being added to assist those who want to apply forCanadian permanent residency, and the New Priority SkillsNewfou [...]

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    15 February

    Express Entry Canada, through a consultant’s lens.

    If you are living in the UAE chances are high that you have heard about something called Express Entry (EE) to Canada however, there are some misconceptions out there right now about how this immigration process works, and this is what I am here to help with! As an immigration consultant I like to explain things to my clients in an honest and clear way, and as a specialist in immigration it only makes sense that I share my knowledge in a simplified way making yo [...]

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    17 November

    491 & long-awaited news

    With a year that has been particular, to say, at least, applicants for skilled migration subclasses 190 & 491 have been patiently waiting to see some hope at the end of this year. And while this is, indeed, a mere flickering flame, it brings some light into 2021 with 491 EOIs now being eligible for submission. And the good news comes, as ever, from a very active New South Wales. So what does this mean for those waiting with a positive skills assessment read [...]

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    14 April


    Provincial Nominee Series: E4 – SASKATCHEWAN, a strong candidate for the PNP winner

    The province that proves to have a complicated name for offshore applicants does make its provincial nominee program simple and fast. It is hard for immigration advisers not to favour SINP, as they have proven to build one of the clearest and most comprehensive immigration programs through provincial support. So let's discover Saskatchewan together. What do we know about Saskatchewan? Saskatchewan is a prairie province in western C [...]

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    13 April

    E3 Nova Scotia

    Provincial Nominee Series: E3 NOVA SCOTIA and the mystery of Category B

    When looking at Provincial Nominee Programs for offshore applicants, Nova Scotia seems to have by far one of the most straightforward selection criteria. This, along with the very clear instructions on documents requirements make Nova Scotia seem one of the easiest streams that can boost your score with 600 points. But is this always the case? Let's look a bit in-depth into Nova Scotia's history with PNP nominations. What do we know about Nova Scotia? Nova [...]

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    11 April



    When we discuss provincial nominee programs with eligible applicants, Prince Edward Island always stirs a reaction. Where is it? How small? Is it an island? How do you travel there from the mainland? What kind of life can you expect there? All of these and more are discussed in today's overview of PEI. So let's see: What do we know about PEI? Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the smallest province of Canada in both land area and population, but the most den [...]

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    09 April

    Photo Alberta

    Provincial Nominee Series: E1 – Alberta, can you hear them calling?

    We're starting our full lockdown with a wee of time on our hands and thought this is a great time to go into detail and explain the requirements, process and preferences of the different Provincial Nominee Programs across Canada. What do we know about Alberta? Alberta is a province of Canada. With an estimated population of 4,067,175, it is Canada's fourth-most populous province and the most populous of Canada's three prairie pr [...]

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    08 April

    Australia citizenship

    COVID-19 pandemic updates: Australia introduces new visa option

    The new visa option - the COVID-19 Pandemic event visa, is available under subclass 408. Highlights: There are 2.17 million temporary visa holders in the countryOf this, more than 565,000 are student visa holders and 139,000 are temporary skilled visa holdersNew visa option is free and will allow those unable to leave, stay lawfully in Australia  The purpose of the new visa option is to provide a pathway for certain former and current holders [...]

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    08 April

    Antique books on a desk with a lamp

    The latest updates on Canadian Immigration

    World Education Services (WES) WES has temporarily suspended ALL in-office operations in line with global health recommendations.All complete applications received by 10 March 2020 will be processed in time. However, applicants whose documents have arrived at WES’ office after 10 March 2020, can expect delays. This is because the process for receiving physical mail or faxed documents have been disrupted. Comparative Education Service (CES) As a part of t [...]

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    02 April

    online assessmeny

    We are keeping it safe & simple

    We understand that it feels like an extra step to get what we need with the stay at home effort to protect the health & safety of the community but that doesn’t mean that we need to stop our long overdue migration plan for the better future of our family.  At The Immigration Office, we are keeping it safe & simple for you to learn and get an idea while at home about Canada & Australia migration process. Our team is fully prepared to support yo [...]

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    25 March

    Stay at Home

    How to use these times wisely for your immigration plan?

    Canada & Australia are providing updates on travel restrictions to put in place to stem the spread of COVID-19 at the same time to support the economy. Despite the calls to stay inside and drastic travel ban around the world both countries are working to get residents home and keep families together. At the same time continue the process of immigration, citizenship applications, taking measures to avoid delay in processing and refusals.  Disruptions may aff [...]

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