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    21 March


    What is Skilled Independent Visa and Skilled Nominated Visa

    admin | 21.03.2019

    Australia PR

    Australia Skilled Workers Visa Type Subclass 189 and 190

    Immigration Consultant

    Every year, Australia attracts and invites thousands of skilled workers to their country due to ongoing skill shortage across various states; hence, the reason why it needs immigrants to cover their workforce. Specifically, Australia has types of Visa such as Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 in which skilled workers are needed. This is classified under the General Skilled Migration Program. Thus, if you are a highly skilled individual planning to apply for a permanent residence in Australia, then, you can apply for these categories as both are point-based that offer permanent residence to selected applicants.

    The factors that contribute for the points are age, work experience, education and English language proficiency. Every year, a vast number of skilled workers are applying for Australian Permanent Residency under these two visa classifications. Now, let us take a closer look at the differences between these visa types. On one hand, Visa Sub class 189 is an independent visa that can work in any state from the day one enters Australia which allows an immigrant to work and live anywhere in the said country. Although in this visa subclass, one is not nominated by any state or not sponsored by company or family member. On the other hand, Visa Sub class 190 is state nominated wherein one must live for 2 years and work for a year in a nominated state in Australia. Also, a state nomination can contribute to the eligibility points. In summary, the commitment to the state is the difference between the two-visa categories, which is necessary in visa sub class 190, but not in sub class 189. With these visa classifications, one may be able to live and work in Australia without any issue or restriction.

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