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    07 December


    Golden Residence Program for Portugal: 10 Most Common Questions Answered

    admin | 07.12.2022

    Golden Residence Program for Portugal

    The Golden Residence Program for Portugal is one of the most popular residence by investment programs. It offers non-European Union (EU) investors and their families a fast track for acquiring a valid residency permit by making a qualifying investment. The program grants the investors citizenship without living in Portugal, attractive tax systems, access to health care and social security in Europe, etc.

    If you are considering moving to Portugal, you might wonder how to get Portugal Golden Residence. Or what are the benefits of Portugal Golden Residence? In this primer, you will find answers to the most common questions we get asked about Portugal’s Golden Residence Program. They might even help you avoid common mistakes while applying for a Golden Residence.

    1. What are the key benefits of Portugal’s Golden Residence Program?

    Portugal Golden Residence’s key benefits include a quick path to citizenship, visa-free travel to the EU and Schengen Area, affordable investment options, a friendly tax regime, and the inclusion of family members.

    2. What are the Portugal Golden Residence requirements?

    You must make and keep your qualifying investment for a minimum of five years to qualify for the Portugal Golden Residence. Additionally, you must have a clean criminal record inside and outside of Portugal, be a non-EU, non-Swiss, or non-EEA citizen, and spend at least seven days in Portugal each year.

    3. What is the Portugal Golden Residence minimum investment?

    The minimum investment required for the Portugal Golden Residence is EUR 250,000, with several different investment options available. Keep in mind that because it is a non-refundable charity contribution, candidates will not get any compensation. Investing in real estate worth at least EUR 280,000 is the following minimum investment option.

    4. Can I bring my family with me when issued a Golden Visa?

    You can, indeed! You can bring your spouse and children as long as they are younger than 18 at the time of application or enrolled in studies and supported by you. If you can show that you provide for them, you may even be allowed to bring your parents and/or in-laws in some situations.

    5. Can I travel to and live in any of the Schengen countries?

    You can travel to or live in other Schengen countries for up to 90 days within 180 days without a visa if you have a resident permit issued by Portugal. Additionally, there are no limits on how long you can stay or cross borders within Europe.

    6. How is the education system in Portugal?

    Portugal’s public and private schools are of a very high standard. While private schools charge significant fees, public schools are free for citizens and foreign residents. As with any private school, there are benefits, including English-taught lessons, smaller class numbers, more extracurricular activities, and more up-to-date training and facilities.

    7. Does a Golden Residence make you eligible for citizenship in Portugal?

    Yes. You can choose to apply for a permanent residency permit or citizenship after five years of keeping your investment and after spending just 35 days physically in Portugal.

    8. Can the properties be sold after receiving the Golden Visa?

    Yes, once you obtain your Golden Residence or Portuguese passport and have successfully held your investment(s) for five years, you may sell or divest those ventures.

    9. Does the investor have to live in the property he is purchasing, or can it be rented out?

    One of the best things about the Portugal Golden Residence program is that the investor is not required to reside in the home he purchased in exchange for the Portugal Golden Residence. If the investor so chooses, it can be rented. It should be emphasized that a 28% tax will apply to rental revenue.

    10. Should I consult a Portugal Golden Residence Immigration Consultant for the application?

    While you can do the Portugal Golden Residence application on your own, we advise you to think about working with an Immigration Consultant who is familiar with the program’s laws and regulations and can help you through the entire application process.

    Find out more about citizenship by investment in Portugal !

    At The Immigration Office, we help investors and their families obtain Golden Residence in Portugal. We take the time to get to know your unique circumstances and needs. We can simplify access to real estate investments, offer local insights, help with legal requirements, tax preparation, and more while ensuring efficient and individualized service.

    Contact us and speak to our Immigration Consultants so we can assist you with all your investment and Portugal Golden Residence Program-related questions.


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