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    15 February


    Australian Residency? Catch it while you can!

    admin | 15.02.2017

    Australian Residency

    Australian Residency

    Planning on immigrating to Australia at one point? Well, make sure you still can.  Every year, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection updates the Skilled Occupation Lists.

    See more details about Australia Immigration

    If your occupation is on the Flagged List – you should definitely read this. 

    Check out the flagged occupations and read below:

    Production Manager (Mining)

    Engineering Technologist

    Environmental Engineer Naval Architect

    Medical Laboratory Scientist


    Medical Diagnostic Radiographer

    Medical Radiation Therapist

    Occupational Therapist


    Speech Pathologist

    General Practitioner





    Intensive Care Specialist


    Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

    Medical Practitioners nec




    Psychologists nec


    Boat Builder and Repairer


    Accountant (General)

    Management Accountant

    Taxation Accountant


    Land Economist


    Ship’s Engineer

    Ship’s Master

    Ship’s Officer



    Other Spatial Scientist

    Chemical Engineer

    Civil Engineer

    Geotechnical Engineer

    Quantity Surveyor

    Structural Engineer

    Transport Engineer

    Electronics Engineer

    Industrial Engineer

    Mechanical Engineer

    Production or Plant Engineer

    Aeronautical Engineer

    Agricultural Engineer

    Biomedical Engineer

    Are you on the flagged list? Start your process now to make sure you can apply for Permanent Australian Residency. Your occupation is still in high demand, but not for long.

    The Australian Minister of Immigration and Border Protection might remove these occupations from the SOL on the 1st of July.

    The SOL is the list of skilled occupations that are in high demand and qualify you for an Independent Skilled visa category.

    Having a demanded occupation will assure that your application goes through the process without any hassle.

    The requests on the labor market change every year. The Australian Bureau of Statistics announces before an occupation disappears from the SOL. They put a flag sign on it.  The last subclass 189 Visas for these occupations are being processed this year.

    Creating your case file will take roughly 2 to 4 months. Up until your file is created- that includes a full skills assessment – you are not considered to be in an immigration process. When the case file is ready, your profile is in a queue to be revised and to receive the Visa Invitation. This is why February is the ideal month to start your process. It gives us enough time to prepare your case & manage to file it before the occupation list changes in July. If you have a flagged occupation, you can still get the invitation this year.

    In the last years, applicants who would have been 100% eligible, could not apply for Permanent Residency because their occupation was not in demand anymore and removed from the SOL/CSOL lists.  If you want to go to Australia, you need to start your process while the odds are in your favor.

    Before you apply for Australian Residency, fill in the assessment form today and register for an Assessment with one of our MARA consultants if your occupation is on the list.


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