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Lucy Ward

"Group of highly professionals! Getting a second passport was probably the last thing I would’ve thought about years ago but now I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made for my family. Thank you for the patience and thorough assistance TIO handed to me during the process!"

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Zac George

"At first, I was hesitant to learn about getting a new citizenship through investment since I never thought I could actually do it but the team from The Immigration Office kept me well informed which made me realize all the benefits my family and I could get! Kudos to the team!!!"

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Josh Bailey

"The staff from The Immigration has been a great help from the start of the process to finish. They tried their best to find the most suitable investment option for me and had all the patience throughout the whole process!"

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Alessandra Mcintosh

"I recall starting the process with TIO, they had extended all possible assistance for me to make my investment decision. The consultants and lawyers thoroughly guided me on all the documentation to be prepared and completed. I’m glad I signed up with this team and I wish them the best of luck!"


The Immigration Office is a legal immigration consultancy company with years of experience in the UAE, that focus its business approach in the clarity of our actions to maintain our reputation, the knowledge acquired throughout these years and the customer satisfaction.

It will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. You should carefully research and compare the services and fees of several companies before making a decision. Our company has years of experience in the industry while serving HNWI, and a reputation that speaks for itself. This is a very important consideration, in an environment that is prone to scams, to avoid financial and time loss, but most importantly to prevent any reputation damage.
We are working with lawyers and agents that are registered in the countries we are promoting.

We conduct our business with full transparency, as we deem this one of our core values.

No, all our company fees are included on the customer quotation at the moment of signing the contract. This is important to take into consideration, as other companies that claim to offer more affordable rates, end up adding extra fees at later stages, making the application process even more expensive than ours.

Yes. Both donation and real estate investment funds are kept in escrow account during the time of application review. Should the government deny your application, the funds will be refunded less non-refundable government application fees, due diligence fees and professional fees. All payment and refund terms are listed in our service agreement that our clients sign with us at the beginning of the process.

The following are questions related to obtaining a second citizenship and are answered in a broad and general manner, as the answers vary according to each program.

To gain freedom of movement. A Caribbean passport allows you to travel visa free around the world, to places like the Schengen countries, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, China. You can also obtain access to the USA via the B-1/B-2 visa program.

To access the UK education facilities. Being a part of the British Commonwealth, Caribbean country citizens have preferential terms opportunities for their children, when it comes to study at British universities. On top of this, parents will be able to visit them at any moment for a stay of up to 180 consecutive days.

To relieve tax pressure. Caribbean countries have a very convenient tax scheme when compared to other countries and in some cases, you can even benefit from no taxes on personal income, inheritance, gifts, capital gains, payroll, net wealth and capital duty. Furthermore, if you become a tax resident of a Caribbean country, facilitates opening a bank account at European institutions and perform international business.

To be able to obtain a second passport, you must be an outstanding citizen above the age of 18, with no serious medical condition, you must not have any criminal record or any open prosecution. You have to also be capable of proving a stable income and the legality of it. You should not be involved in any activity likely to cause disrepute of the country. Family members can also qualify for this opportunity, usually including the spouse, children up to, parents and siblings. Some conditions apply in each case.

Yes, some programs contemplate this option. Also, keep in mind that this are citizenships for life that can be passed to future generations for them to benefit from.

When obtaining a second passport, applicants are generally expected to wait around three to six months from the submission of the application, until the process is finished. There is even the option to apply for a fast-track application in only 60 days. It’s important to note that processing time may vary depending on the agent you choose to work with, the type of investment and the personal circumstances of the applicant.

Second citizenship programs allow applicants to qualify for an investment starting at USD 100,000. This is called a donation option and is not refundable. Other fees apply on top of this contribution.
This varies depending on the country you choose to obtain your second citizenship from. As an example, the Caribbean countries do not require any residency, visit or interview, while countries in Europe will require a minimum stay in the country starting at 7 days per year, in the case of Portugal.


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